Stump Grinding

After tree removal, the stump is left behind. Removal of stump is required if you want to use the space where the tree was originally. There are many ways to remove the stump depending on the size of tree. Stumps of smaller trees can be removed by digging out the stump, but to remove bigger tree stumps heavy machinery is required.

New Jersey Tree Service has the expertise to handle heavy machinery to remove larger stumps. We take all kinds of precautions to make sure this heavy machinery does not cause any damage to your property e.g. using Alturna Rubber Matts to avoid any damage to your landscape during the moving of grinding equipment. We grind the stump about 6-8 inches to make sure after grinding this area can be used for other purposes such as replanting, landscaping, etc.

Using our wide array of expertise in tree removal and landscaping, we can help you to plan your landscape after the stump removal. We also offer digital prints for your landscape if requested with minimal fee and which can be credited toward the project when it is undertaken.

New Jersey Tree Service offers stump removal services with or without tree removal service. We offer free estimates for stump removal as well.

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